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7 Questions You May Have When Mounting A TV in Naperville IL

A wall-mounted television is a staple of modern home decor. It keeps kids’ greasy fingers off the screen and is more aesthetically pleasing, especially with TVs getting thinner and sleeker every year. Wall-mounted TVs can go anywhere from a flat wall to a corner, and even above a fireplace or on your patio.

If you’re on the fence about mounting your new set yourself, you might want to read this first. There’s a lot to consider when taking on this home improvement task such as where the TV should go and what equipment you'll need. We’ve put together this guide on what to consider before mounting a TV in your home to make sure you get the job done right.

What’s The Best Kind Of TV Mount?

Believe it or not, a television mount is not a one-size-fits-all situation. It’s important to get the right TV mount and equipment for your television. While looking at the size may seem like an obvious first step, it’s easy to make a mistake and get a mount that’s the wrong size or style for your TV or the location where you want to mount it. There are actually many factors that go into deciding the best kind of TV mount for your situation. It is always best to contact your local professional because they have experience and education about what kinds of TV mounts work best in certain areas.

Can I Mount A TV Anywhere?

How can you tell if your walls are capable of handling the weight of a TV? The most secure place on a wall to mount a TV is on the studs, which are essentially 2x4 boards behind your walls that support the overall frame of your home. So how are you supposed to find these mysterious studs? There are special tools called stud finders that help locate these boards.

What if you are mounting on plaster, brick, or other types of surfaces? You will need specific hardware for this and the task can be tricky and dangerous if not done correctly. You might be itching to flex your DIY muscles, but if you have any uncertainty about getting the job done, it might be better to call a local audio-visual company instead. After all, better safe than sorry!

What Do I Need To Know About TV Size, Weight, and Flexibility?

The size of your screen is very important. You need to ensure that the wall mount supports your selected TV’s size and will hold its weight as well. The next thing to consider is the flexibility you want your TV to have while mounted. If you want to be able to see your TV from other rooms or different locations within a room, a good option is a pivoting wall mount. This will let you change the direction the TV is facing to optimize the picture on the screen, even if you aren’t sitting right in front of the TV. Also, if you are mounting your TV above eye level, you’ll want to invest in a TV wall mount that tilts down to improve picture quality.

If the TV can be positioned at the ideal height and you don’t need to access the TV ports on a regular basis, a fixed mount will simplify the installation and the TV will be close to the wall, taking up less space. Consider a slim mount if this is the case for a more elegant overall appearance.

If you are mounting your TV in the corner, you will most likely need a specially designed corner mount. A fully articulating mount is necessary to secure the mounting plate to the wall and keep the TV extended at all times.

What Equipment Do I Need To Mount A TV?

Just the TV and the mount right? Not quite. You will need your TV mount, all hardware, ladder, measuring tools, power tools, and cleanup supplies. Sometimes you may need to buy tools that you don’t already have in order to hang your TV. Many times it’s actually cheaper to hire a professional to hang your TV than to purchase all of the necessary equipment.

How Do I Hide The Cords When Mounting A TV?

Leaving the wires exposed is definitely not aesthetically pleasing. You’ll want to hide them not only for a clean look but also for safety reasons. However, this is one of the hardest parts of mounting a TV because it usually involves cutting into the walls of your home. Without the proper training and equipment, this can turn into a huge mess or even a trip to the hospital.

Are There Other Factors To Consider?

Before you start mounting your walls, take a moment to consider other factors that may affect your plans. Consider where you want to mount your TV to determine things that could impact your experience. For example, is your television too close to the dishwasher or the fireplace?

While a noisy dishwasher or air conditioning unit doesn’t mean you can't have a mounted television, it’s something you should consider. Windows, doors, and other light sources can also affect the ideal placement of a TV because of glare.

Can I Just Hire Someone Else To Install My TV in Naperville IL?

Absolutely! Surprisingly, professional TV mounting and setup companies can be very affordable. Hiring a professional TV installer is also a much safer option than doing it yourself. (Plus, it’s more affordable than an emergency room visit!) It can be very dangerous if the TV and mount are not installed properly. The TV could fall off the wall and injure a child or pet or it could damage your property and cause a larger, more expensive problem. Professional TV installers know which mounts to use for what you want, how to install them safely, and how to hide those unsightly wires. And to top it all off they even clean up their mess afterward.

Leave It To The Pros At Corsiga A/V

Corsiga Audio & Visual provides high-quality and affordable TV mounting services to both residential and commercial clients in Naperville, St. Charles, Woodridge & the Greater Chicago Area. We also offer other audio and visual services such as surround sound installation, audio & video networking, security system installation, home theater design and installation, pre-construction wiring, and much more. Whether you use technology at home, at work, or on the go, Corsiga A/V is here to help you connect.

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