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Residential TV Mounting
In Chicago, IL

Home Entertainment System - Corsiga


Create the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience throughout your entire home. Eliminate the need to walk from room to room to adjust shades, lights, temperature, and enjoy music and video in any room you want. When you leave for work in the morning, press the “Away” button to turn off all the lights, lock doors, arm the security system, set the temperature, lower shades, and power down non-essential devices. Home entertainment system with ease not having to run around the home to set lights, shades, and music to create the perfect ambiance in your family room or home IMAX private theater.  Whether from an easy-to-use touch screen, remote, customized keypad or mobile device, total smart control of your entire house is always at your fingertips.  

Home Entertainment Equipment - Corsiga


Transform your family room effortlessly depending on whether you want to relax, play games, read or watch TV together. With the best system From Corsiga AV, you can unclutter the coffee table and reduce confusion with the simplicity of a single remote the entire family can use to control everything: TV, music, streaming content, DVD player, lights, shades, and temperature. Home entertainment equipment can be concealed so you only see and hear it when you want to and your family room keeps the sense of style you desire.

Home Theater Systems - Corsiga


Some of the most exhilarating surround sound rooms are not home theater systems at all! They’re living rooms, family rooms, master bedrooms and outdoor patios that serve dual functions. In fact, almost any room in your home can be recreated into a multi-purpose media room, concealing a home theater that only reveals itself at the touch of a button. We can engineer hidden screens and speakers that descend from ceilings, hide inside framed artwork, or rise from specially-designed furniture.

Home Theater Systems - Corsiga


Want a real theater experience in your home? We can create a dedicated private cinema in which the environment is precisely designed and engineered to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment. Lighting is also controlled so when you press a single button, the lights dim and the show begins. Press pause and lights dim up so you can get more popcorn and soda. For the best images possible, upgrade to a home IMAX private theater. 

Outdoor Entertainment System - Corsiga


It’s a beautiful weekend afternoon, why not have family and friends over for a barbeque? Watch your favorite sports team and then wind down the evening with some great tunes and perhaps take a dip in the pool or hot tub. There’s a wide range of technology solutions built to withstand the outdoor entertainment system without compromising performance. Add music, video, and lighting control to make the perfect entertaining space or a personal retreat for relaxing after a long workday. TVs weather the storm and sun while minimizing glare for quality viewing even on a bright day. Outdoor lights automatically adjust at sunset to create ambiance and enhance safety.

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