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Latest Trends in Home Security Systems in Naperville IL

Latest Trends in Home Security Systems in Naperville IL

Corsiga A/V is here to share the latest trends in home security systems that we've been seeing around the Naperville IL area. Home security technology has come a long way in recent years. These changes have made home security systems more affordable and customizable to fit nearly any budget and any property. Because of this, more and more people are choosing to install security cameras and other protective devices around their homes. Here are just a few of the home security trends we are seeing in Naperville and surrounding areas:

  1. Security systems that are monitored by a cell phone. These systems are fantastic for busy families and those that want to monitor their home in real-time. Most of us have a smartphone nowadays, and the ability to have an app that controls your security system makes keeping an eye on your family and your belongings super easy. You can control all the features of your home security system from an easy-to-use app on your phone. Some systems also include "community" features so that you can alert your neighbors of suspicious activity with just the press of a button. You can also get notifications about suspicious individuals, stolen packages, car theft or break-ins, and burglaries that occur within your surrounding area. People can also share videos from their personal security cams to help police find the individuals committing the crime. Long gone are the days of having a separate screen to monitor your security cameras!

  2. Security systems without a monthly monitoring fee. Did you know many of the newer security systems that can be monitored by your cell phone do not require monthly monitoring fees? This is great news for people looking for a more affordable security system. Many of the systems include options for adding memory cards to increase the amount of recording capabilities. Although a subscription service is not a requirement, most systems have an option to purchase around-the-clock monitoring if you want it. Plus, these new subscriptions are often cheaper than traditional ones. This is just another way that these newer systems are customizable to fit your needs.

  3. DIY home security systems: DIY alarm systems are fantastic because you completely control your system by mixing and matching only the products and services that you need. Maybe you want a window break sensor on every window and camera surrounding the property. You can choose exactly what fits your needs. However, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to assess your home and install these systems for several reasons. First, professionals have tons of experience. You definitely want your system to protect you and your family. Just one small wiring mistake could cause a deficiency in your system, which makes your family home vulnerable to burglary, not to mention it could be dangerous. Secondly, you want it to look professionally installed with expertly concealed wiring. Even if you get wireless sensors, you need to make sure the placement is just right otherwise you could end up with faulty sensors or blind spots in cameras, not to mention a huge headache. Instead of getting frustrated, call the pros at Corsiga A/V and rest assured knowing your home security system is properly installed.

  4. Security systems that can integrate with Alexa/Google. Voice assistants are all the rage lately. More and more products are able to be controlled by apps like Alexa, Google and Cortana. You can arm and disarm your security system without lifting a finger. Or if you have the doorbell cam, you can see packages being delivered and say hi to your favorite mailman. With Alexa and Google, you can even control lights and door locks. “Alexa, lock all the doors.” Alexa and Google can also be programmed into your thermostat. The possibilities are truly endless with integrated smart home systems.

  5. Using security systems to check on children and pets while you’re away. This is the newest trend everywhere. People are using home security systems to maintain relationships with their pets while they are away. You can get two-way cameras with microphones so you can talk to your pets through an app on your phone and they can talk (or bark...) back to you as well! You can also make sure your kids are doing their homework and chores after school or on school holidays. Most of these home security systems have a quick press button on the panel and in the app for police, fire, and medical if your kids are home alone.

Every day there are new home security products and features being rolled out by all kinds of companies. When you want the latest and greatest, you should work with the best. No matter what kind of system you choose, you can trust Corsiga A/V to install it properly. Check out our website and connect with us today.

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