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TV Mounting Tips From Corsiga AV in Naperville, IL

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

When you decide to mount a TV, you may have a few questions. There are several things to take into consideration before hanging a TV in your home or business for the best results. The friendly staff at Corsiga AV in Naperville IL is here to answer your questions and help you decide the best place to hang your TV both indoors and outdoors. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about TV installation and mounting in the Naperville, Woodridge, and St. Charles IL area.

How High Should My TV Be Mounted?

The answer to this question depends on the size of the TV, the viewing distance, and the viewing angle. You'll also want to factor in the eye level of the person watching the TV. Will this person be laying in bed, sitting in a recliner, or standing at a business? All of these things will change the proper height of the TV mount.

How Much Does It Cost To Mount A TV?

Corsiga AV offers TV mounting services in the Naperville area starting as low as $125. There are additional costs for wiring concealments, mounting brackets, oversize TVs, custom jobs, and other factors. Call Corsiga today for a free estimate for their professional TV installation services for your home or business.

What Kind Of Wall Does A TV Need To Be Mounted On?

The sturdier the better. Different TV mounts are made for different wall surfaces. Most TV installations are mounted into the studs behind the drywall in your home. However, there are special TV mounts that can be used without studs and on other kinds of wall surfaces such as brick and wood. The size and weight of the TV will also determine what kind of mount and wall are most appropriate.

Can I Hide The TV Wires?

Absolutely. Unsightly wires are one of the most annoying parts of mounted TVs, but they don't have to be. Corsiga AV offers wire concealment services to make your TV area neat and tidy. Even if the wires cannot be tucked behind the wall itself, there are other options such as wall-colored wire covers that can make the wires practically blend in. Corsiga AV also offers complete home theater wiring solutions for TVs, audio equipment, and more.

Can I Hang A TV Outside?

Want to watch the big game on your patio? No problem! We can help pick a safe location to hang your flat-screen TV as well as suggest weather-proof materials to get the job done. Outdoor TV installation can be trickier than indoor wall mounting, so it's best to hire a professional. Call the NapervilleTV mounting experts at Corsiga AV today for help with your outdoor TV mounting project.

Call Corsiga AV For Naperville TV Mounting Services

Corsiga Audio & Visual is the leading TV installation service in the greater Chicago IL area. We service clients all around Chicago including Naperville, Woodridge, St. Charles and more. No matter what kind of professional audio or visual services you need, count on Corsiga to get the job done. We offer professional TV mounting service, home theater setup, security system installation services, and more to both commercial and residential customers.

Call (630) 297-7679 for a free TV wall mount and installation quote in St. Charles, Naperville, Woodridge, or the surrounding cities.

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