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What You Need To Know About TV Mounting in Naperville IL

Hanging a TV is just like hanging a picture frame, right? Not quite... TV mounting is a much more involved job than many people think it is. You have to make sure you use the correct mount for your TV's size and weight, as well as make sure the wall material can handle the weight of the TV. And we haven't even started talking about using power tools or hiding wires.

Let The Professionals Handle It

As you can see, mounting a TV on your wall is a lot more complicated than it might seem. That's why you should trust the TV installation professionals at Corsiga Audio & Visual. We're a local A/V company that serves the greater Chicago area, including Naperville. Our TV installers have years of experience mounting TVs in a variety of buildings including homes, apartments, professional offices, and other commercial buildings.

Types Of TV Mounting Services

Corsiga A/V handles more than just your average over-the-fireplace TV mounting job. We work with all kinds of customers from single-family homeowners to business offices to multi-family units and everything in between. Here are a few main types of TV mounting services that we offer in the Naperville area:

Residential TV Mounting

The most common job that we do is residential TV installation. We help homeowners all over town properly secure their TV to the wall in a way that is both safe and aesthetic. Our experienced A/V technicians will help you decide on the best location and wall-mounting equipment for your TV's size and the layout of your home. We can mount TVs both indoors and outdoors so that you can catch your favorite shows no matter what time it is. And we can mount in just about any room too! Want a TV in the bathroom? Done. Want to watch the news while you cook dinner? Done. We can work with walls made of all kinds of building materials including regular drywall, wood paneling, and even brick.

Commercial TV Mounting

Nearly every kind of commercial building has at least one TV in it. Some businesses like hotels and restaurants need multiple TVs to entertain guests, while other businesses might only need one or two TVs for employee breakrooms and meeting rooms. Wall-mounted TVs can also be an important part of a commercial security system, allowing you and your employees to watch all parts of the building at the same time. And while we know that most business owners wear many hats, leave the TV hanging to us. We'll make sure that your customers only see a crisp new TV and not ugly wires or wall patches.

Business Office TV Mounting

There are many reasons why your business office could benefit from wall-mounted TVs. Mounted TVs make it easier for employees to see important presentations rather than everyone trying to huddle around one small laptop or computer screen. TVs are also great for waiting areas in places like doctors' and dentists' offices so that patients have something to do while they wait for their appointments. No matter the reason, Corsiga A/V can help you mount your office's TV in a safe and secure manner.

New Construction TV Mounting & Whole Home Wiring

If you want the most hidden wires, contacting a professional A/V company before your home or office is completed is the best way to go. Rather than having to drill through existing walls, we can install the audio and visual wiring before the drywall goes in. And while we're at it, we can also wire your entire home for crystal clear surround sound as well as install smart home technology.

Corsiga A/V Is The #1 TV Mounting Company in Naperville

When you're ready for a professional TV installation in your Naperville home or business, give us a call. We offer free, no-obligation quotes to all of our customers. Not sure if we're the right choice? Just read our customer reviews to see why your friends and neighbors trust Corsiga Audio & Visual for all of their home entertainment needs.

We also serve families and businesses in the surrounding areas of Woodwirdge, St. Charles, Chicago, Burr Ridge, Homer Glen, and more. Call us today to find out if we service your area and get a TV installation quote.

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