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Guide to Creating the Ultimate Home Theatre

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

If you enjoy movies, sports, or video games, a home theater system provides that true movie theater experience without leaving home. You may consider setting up a home theatre in the Greater Chicago area on your own. However, if you start the process without a plan, it can quickly turn into a disaster. A top-notch home theatre installation requires experience and professional equipment.

Complete Home Theatre System - Corsiga

Parts of a Complete Home Theatre System

A home theatre room is more than just a TV screen and couch. Certain requirements for comfort, acoustics, and technology create a truly amazing home entertainment system. In this article, we discuss aspects of a complete home theatre system:

1. TV Mounting

Your TV will need to be mounted in the optimal location for viewing and also mounted securely to the wall or surface. You may run into more complex situations: Are you installing a TV on a fireplace or on stone? Would you like your TV to lower or tilt? Do you want to avoid damaging the surrounding wall? Will the TV be outdoors?

2. Strong Wifi

If you plan on using streaming services on your TV, you’ll need to make sure the wifi connection isn’t lagging. Typically in homes, many devices are competing for bandwidth. The wifi range may need to be extended. Good news - the right equipment implementation can solve this network overcrowding. A professional AV service can handle these bandwidth issues using an organized approach.

3. Seamless Audio:

An important part of enjoying your home theatre is excellent audio. If you’ve ever wanted the theater-quality movie experience without paying theater prices, consider an AV professional who can install surround sound. Corsiga Audio-Visual specializes in custom solutions for jobs requiring more audio installation work such as in-wall, recessed, or ceiling speakers. You’ll want to enjoy surround sound effects with a smooth, finished look in the room.

4. Appearance:

The sleek look of a mounted TV can easily be ruined by cables extending across the walls. You’ll need a professional who can hide wires, patch with drywall and match décor.

If you have several devices hooked up to your TV, such as game consoles, cable boxes, and DVRs, you're going to need a home near your television so the cords will reach the TV's output ports. Corsiga AV can install floating shelves or even custom in-wall shelving units.

Hire Professional AV services in Chicago

Honest and knowledgeable audio-visual professionals can recommend options for your home theatre. Corsiga AV has experience with construction, electrical, low voltage, and home design. We provide high-quality entertainment technology services to both residential and commercial clients in the Greater Chicago area.

Get it right the first time. Call the professionals at Corsiga AV. If you have any questions about our services please contact us.

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